Jack Roberts and the Island of Ideas - Packed full of inventions

Jack Roberts dreams of being an inventor but he faces two big problems;

  1. He’s only in Year Six
  2. His teacher keeps throwing his ideas in the bin

Then, an advert on TV changes his life forever!

"Jack Roberts and the Island of Ideas"
by Rob Dalton Smith

The coast was clear. Now was the time for Jack to make his move. A pair of night vision goggles would’ve made his mission far easier to complete; instead, he had to feel his way by fumbling along a line of flowerpots perched on a shelf of the greenhouse. A face mask would’ve been handy too; the earthy aroma of rotting roots was flying around his nostrils like a seagull circling for chips.
By the time he had reached the far corner, Jack’s vision had adjusted to the duskiness. The prize was now in sight. With wide eyes and shivering fingers, he delicately picked one of the chocolate bars growing on a small tree sitting on the floor inside a terracotta pot. The sapling had grown from a single bar planted the year before and sprinkled with the top-secret plant food he had invented. A few drops of this special solution once a day would make a tree grow from almost any food you could think of!... *

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